Cultural Presentations

Cultural Presentations

Cultural Presentations

Apart from the culturally and linguistically relevant programming, Proyecto RAICES family is intentional about preserving and celebrating our cultural roots. One way in which we accomplish this is by offering cultural presentations involving music and folkloric dances.

Choreographers work with our children dance team to plan ethnic performances featuring the cultural wealth of the countries of Central America and South America including Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, etc.

Moreover, Proyecto RAICES shares this wealth by performing at community events, such as the Global Village, or ocassions where diversity is celebrated, such as the annual conmemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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Our Mission

    Proyecto RAICES provides educational and social support to children of Latino/Hispanic families residing in the Akron area, facilitating their integration to the local community and the maintenance of their cultural heritage.

Nuestra misión

    Proyecto RAICES brinda apoyo educativo y social a niños de familias latinas e hispanas que viven en la zona de Akron, lo que facilita su integración a la comunidad y el mantenimiento de su herencia cultural.

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