Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Josefina Grau, Ph. D. Psychology
Associate Professor, Kent State University
Culture, Parenting and Child Development Lab
Proyecto RAICES Board President

Theresa Beyerle, Ph. D. Public Adm. & Urban Studies/Nonprofit Adm.
Chair of Board of Directors Crown Point Ecology Center
Proyecto RAICES Board Vice President

Jeff Stewart
Representative of Hispanic Ministries of Tuscarawas County, Proyecto RAICES Fiscal Sponsor
Director of Immigrant Workers Project (IWP)
Proyecto RAICES Board Treasurer

MaryJo MacCracken, Ph. D.
Professor, Sport Science & Wellness Education
The University of Akron
Executive Director, P.A.C.E. (Physical Activity & Character Education)

Maria Eugenia Zaldivar, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Spanish & Coordinator of Spanish Instruction, Kent State University

Ada Gelpi
Ex- Director of Hispanic Ministries, St. Bernard’s Church
Founder of Latin American Community of Akron (CLA), Community Advocate


Our Mission

    Proyecto RAICES provides educational and social support to children of Latino/Hispanic families residing in the Akron area, facilitating their integration to the local community and the maintenance of their cultural heritage.

Nuestra misión

    Proyecto RAICES brinda apoyo educativo y social a niños de familias latinas e hispanas que viven en la zona de Akron, lo que facilita su integración a la comunidad y el mantenimiento de su herencia cultural.

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